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Talk: What the FISA?! Part 2: It Actually Gets Worse

Christina Eichelkraut, CEO and founder of TEC, will give a follow-up talk to her November SWCSF talk that explained how FISA Section 702 went awry.

You can get all caught up and watch that talk here:

What the FISA?! Privacy Under the the Fighting — and Flailing — Fourth Amendment (starts at 26:30)

This time, Christina will go over the good, the bad and the pointless parts of the FISA reauthorization that Congress passed in December 2023.

Privacy in Practice: This 20-minute section at the end of the meeting will explain why password sharing with employees, contractors and family members can be dangerous. We’ll also discuss alternatives to password sharing.

This meetup will be in the Advanced Cyber Systems Lab at GateWay Community College, located at 108 N. 40th St.

The ACSL is located in Room 2108 of the MA building. That’s on the second floor. Look for the big orange wall — you can’t miss the lab.

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