November 2023 SWCSF Meeting


Presentation 1: What the FISA?! Privacy Under the Fighting – and Flailing – Fourth Amendment

Next month, Congress needs to renew Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1972 (FISA).

During this high-level talk, Christina Eichelkraut will give a basic overview of Constitutional privacy protections, how Section 702 may undermine those protections and examine why the reauthorization of Section 702 is no longer guaranteed a rubber stamp approval from Congress.

Section 702, itself part of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, enables federal officials to conduct surveillance on anyone outside of the U.S. in the interest of national security.

The problem is the law was written in a way that has enabled egregious abuses, including the mass surveillance of Americans on U.S. soil, the vast majority of whom have nothing to do with terrorist plots or nefarious acts.

The FBI and the Biden Administration says Section 702 essential for protecting national security. But legal scholars, government watchdog groups and internet privacy advocates say Section 702 has been widely abused and does little, if anything, to protect Americans from threats.

Presentation 2: Breakdown in Communication

Breakdown in Communication: Modern Communication…and why we don’t have it.

Elio Grieco will discuss the state of modern, digital communications, popular and obsucre messaging programs, and what’s missing from all of them.

What are the basic building blocks of a truly modern communication system? Identity, data sync, and data curation and discovery.

We’ll take a look at past, current, and upcoming digital communication programs like IRC, Signal, SimpleX and others. What are their features, and what features are missing? What trends do we see in feature set, and how has feature set influenced modern communications and general human cognition?

What are the pressures leading us into such app designs? What are the threats to communication? Well talk about the Crypto Wars and the 4 Horesmen of the Infocalypse, including the current threats coming out of Europe and the US.

We’ll end with a list of organizations that are championing important communication research, giving everyone the info they need to follow these trends and get involved in correcting them


For this meeting, we are back in Room SO1330 of the South Building at GateWay Community College, Washington Campus. Details below. Schedule

Attend in Person

Room SO1330 of the South Building at GateWay Community College, Washington Campus.

108 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Map link to the Exact Location

Parking Map

Map of campus and parking options at Gateway Community College with SWCSF and the ACSL highlighted. Parking Map

South Building Map

Floorplan with room SO1330 highlighted for the South Building at Gateway Community College Building Map


Free pizza and soft drinks will be provided by TEC. If you have other preferences, Speedy Street Tacos is within walking distance, just past the East parking lot. There are also a few other restaurants within a short drive of the college.


SouthWest CyberSecurity Forum, a TEC initiative, is the longest running cybersecurity meetup in Arizona that brings together cybersecurity professionals and those exploring a future career in cybersecurity. The regular monthly sessions examine both current and emerging cyber threats, explore new security technologies and allow cybersecurity professionals to share experiences with their peers.