Support the local Arizona tech community

A donation to the Technology Education Collaborative helps us to:

  • Keep an updated, centralized list of the Valley’s tech meetups
  • Maintain Discord channels for local meetup groups to plan their next session, keep awesome conversations going and create
  • Publish informative newsletters on everything from Arizona tech law and policy to the latest in cutting-edge tech
  • Host meetups, tech demos and useful workshops
  • Offer venue spaces and organizational support for tech meetups

We Need a Thriving Local Tech Community

The group that meets religiously every week for GNU and Linux. That group teaching themselves Ruby. The network enthusiasts working on projects every month.

That’s who we support.

But we also support the self-proclaimed tech neanderthal who needs to secure their small business.

Or the kid who never got to see a 3D printer in real life before, but now thinks it may be something they want to do when they grow up. Maybe it’s the student who knows they love tech, but isn’t sure what that means in terms of their career yet. We help connect that student with experienced professionals who may help them figure it out.

Your donation funds our website, domain, speakers, email platform, equipment for demos and sometimes venues for smaller meetups. No cushy salaries here – just the tech community showing up for everyone, like it does. the secure, thoughtful use of technology. Thank you so much for donating.