The Technology Education Collaborative fosters a robust Arizona tech community. We do this by providing virtual and in-person spaces to meet, learn, collaborate and advocate. Our articles, newsletters and events inform and educate both professional and aspiring technologists. We’re bringing Arizona technologists together to support the safe, secure future they work to create each and every day.

  • TEC believes in conversation, collaboration and people learning from each other. That’s why we offer local tech meetups a free Discord channel on our server. We’ll handle the setup, you bring the community. Even if you’re brand new to Discord, we can help you leverage this awesome platform to streamline meeting planning and keep the great conversation going. If you run a tech meetup and are tired of scrambling to find a venue, we offer members introductions to three fully-equipped venues to get together and talk tech.

  • Our articles and newsletters explore everything from cutting edge tech and social tech trends to cybersecurity and the policy and laws that can shape what tech you can use and how. We’ll never tell you what to think about tech policy, but we will teach you how to share your opinions with the decision makers who matter most.

  • Our meetups, webinars and events support and educate established technologists and introduce newcomers to the tech community. We’ve done everything from support cybersecurity and privacy meetups to demo 3D printers for underserved communities that otherwise wouldn’t have a lot of opportunity to see that tech in action.

Whether you’re a retired tech professional who remembers phreaking or someone simply curious if getting into tech might be for you, TEC connects you with relevant, useful information and a supportive community.